Gotta figure out Passover and soon

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I guess the quoizel went off in my mind. Passover is coming up soon. I love passover but dietary wise its very hard because of my wheat gluten allergy. I am amazed at how much weight I have lost since going gluten free. It feels good losing weight with out trying to lose it. Passover is special to me because it a reminder of what G-d did for Israel, how he lead his people out of Egypt and took them as his people. It also is a reminder that G-d can provide, and he will not leave us when we make him unhappy. Yes there are always consequences to our action but there is a difference I guess. I believe G-d speaks to us, not saying audible but he does. Its those little feelings of maybe I should do this or maybe I should not go down that street. I have often gotten a feeling and its when I ignore it that the outcome turns out badly.
Passover to me is also a reminder of Yeshua and what he done for us. I am sure I will find good food for that week, but eating matzah won’t be something I can do this year. I will have to find out better options for me. I already know normally I do not like gluten free stuff but I have found a few things I like, sadly all with Yeast.

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  1. Tami Says:

    I buy gluten-free marzah every year. Since Fishman’s is closed, I will probably order on-line. Let me know if you want a box. It is spendy. Also… I have gf challah rolls and would be happy to split a case after Pesach.

  2. admin Says:


    Do you have a recipe for the GF Challah Rolls, if you did it would be great. If you could provide me with a website where I can get them that would be helpful, maybe leave it as a comment here, for any of my readers who might be GF too.

    Sorry, since my master program I been lax on checking my comments here, and maybe on the lazy side. 🙂

  3. admin Says:

    The recipe I posted for Gluten free yeast free challah works. 🙂 Just put the east in and break the doh in portions for rolls.

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