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One thing my congregation seems to do well is edify each other. I have really enjoyed it there. Its a place where I feel my husband and I can share troubles, or struggles and not be looked down on. This little congregation is a gem. I have never heard gossip or anything in the woman bathroom which is a good thing. Many people are merciful when dad is being a pill which is something we need sometimes. We can’t control dad and many understand. My husband has started sharing with them a little bit of the situation at hand.
We still go on what my husband calls a health walk. He tells everyone almost about that too. At least we aren’t looking for hcg shots for weight loss, I dont think that would be good. Diet and exercise is what works best unless there a medical problem.
One thing i enjoy is a time of sharing prayer request and praise report time. This is a good thing, because it gives away for people to voice things. Now I am not sure if this would work with a large congregation but it works with smaller ones.

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  1. Robert Says:

    I agree with you that diet and exercise is the best way to go when trying to fix a medical problem. Far too often doctors want to just throw pills at a situation and hope that fixes both the symptoms and the root problem.

    Between the two, diet is in my opinion the more important factor. Not only do you need to monitor how much you eat in order to maintain a healthy weight, The quality of food helps dictate how healthy a person is overall. Eat chips and cookies all day, everyday, and you’re bound to wind up with health problems eventual.

    For spiritual health, there really is no better option than prayer.

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