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Posted by admin on March 31st, 2012 filed in Torah

When my husband moved her we wanted a place where we all felt feed, healthy to attend and a place to grow and develop. I am happy we have found something that a good fit. To today sermon was more about Passover, and what Israel was leaving in Egypt. Rabbi gave a insight that I hadn’t really noticed or realize. When Moshe asked G-d who do I tell them you are, for his name. G-d knew this was going to be a question because they didn’t really now him any more. I didn’t realize that they had pretty much acclamation into the Egyptian culture worshiping idols. I knew about the Lamb, and about G-d’s protection on that but I didn’t realize their was a lost relationship.
We were encouraged to let go of our idols things which keep us from working HIM. I have heard many sermons on leaving behind your idols, but so often its talked about like money or other similar things can be a idol. It is nice here because our Rabbi relates well to his congregants.

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