Family update

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Dad was able to talk to his brother this week which was good. His brother was moved to a memory care facility, but this was expected. I had spoke to the nurse there before having dad speak to his brother because the last couple of phone calls have been not positive for either of them. The last one was Dad brother telling Dad he thought he was dead and hadn’t heard from him in a long time. He keeps telling dad he mailing letters but we never get a letter from him. What I might do is let dad right a letter and than put a self addressed envelope with it, maybe if his brother is writing they have a better chance to connect.
Dad is doing pretty good, he has his good and bad days. He seems to love looking for arguments. This has always been a part of how he acts so we just ignore it as much as possible and we try to be patient with him. magliette calcio a poco prezzo
I have my comp exams to do this month coming up and hopefully I do better on them. My husband is doing better good too, he finally got his cpap machine so now I can feel more at ease with him sleeping and not worry about him to much.

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