Fine you can stay home

Posted by admin on March 2nd, 2014 filed in Uncategorized

Yesterday dad was being very challenging to the point of not even wanting to attempt to have him come to service. He wanted to stay home, eventhough there was nothing wrong with him other than feeling sorry for himself. Normally I can tell him if we go I stop and get donuts for you, when I tell him everyone looking forward to seeing him doesn’t work. Well dad wanted to start his day off by being stubborn and unyielding to anything. He’d rather stay home with me but I decided my husband was the best one to stay with him for the day. Anyways it was my husband turn to stay home, sometimes I will stay when I am the better equipped to deal with whatever dad problem is. So this week he didn’t go to church, he been grumpy all weekend but I am ignoring him as much as possible until he starts doing things that affect innocent bystanders like my cats or his dog. Today he figured it be okay to threaten the cat with his walker, I am almost wondering if he sees me and my husband teasing the pets with our feet and thinks it okay for him to act the way he does. Maybe he trying to play with the animals who knows. maglie calcio poco prezzo

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