We gotta do what we gotta do

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There are a lot of times I feel like telling people we gotta do what what gotta do. Why because often people do not understand some of my husband or my mannerism. Or why we might talk loud.. I talk loud because I am use to having to with dad living here. Even with his hearing aids in I don’t think he hears well. Dad legs have been giving him trouble but we keep encouraging him to walk and keep mobile because we don’t want him to lose any more of his independence than he already has.
I have to say I sometimes feel like my husband and I are alone, and have to watch his dad go down hill. Lately dad has been struggling getting dressed or remembering how to do this task. I help him but I try not to help to much and it’s hard to know the balance so that he remains independent but at the same time receives the help he needs. He been getting difficult with my husband thinking I can be the only one to help him.. Out in public I can’t help him. He can not go to the girls room with me or I to the boys room with him.. It’s not safe for me to do that. It also inconvenient for any man or women who want privacy doing there business. So my husband takes him last night dad decided to wait in the bathroom a very longtime thinking I was gonna come in there. moncler outlet
This is frustrating for my husband because he doesn’t know how to deal with it.. Maybe telling him right away the girl not coming in here..
We never know whats acceptable because everyone has there own opinion and it feels like we can never make anyone happy. At least to me.

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