Lovely weather

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I love living in the Pacific Northwest, yes sometimes we get a lot of rain but I would rather that than the other extremes. I am pretty sure if I lived in Burlington I might need to contact a agency out of burlington for weather damage and here I don’t have to do that. We have been able to walk with dad out to dinner a few times which is nice. He likes going for walks with us and sometimes it easier on the gas budget if we can just walk.
I have noticed some unsettling things while walking with him and my husband is that a lot of people seem to have road rage. Someone almost hit my husband, his dad and I on Sunday. I had to run and pretty much push dad hard in order to prevent him from being harmed, I figured landing on the concrete would be better than getting hit by a car. I should have never had to make this decision of the lessor to the two damages. It is no wonder our insurance prices are going up because people want to be careless. The guy got out of his car and was threatening to my husband and I was worried he would do something like shot him, or attempt to beat my husband up. I was scared for dad and my husband. I was worried about myself too but not as much as them. I do believe the Father had his hand of protection on my family because some by standards started yelling at the driving telling him to leave that family alone! They did nothing wrong you almost hit them. I told my husband get his phone out and call the police. I do not like feeling scared in my own neighborhood!moncler outlet
That wasn’t the only thing that happened the other day while walking dad some woman decided because we was walking across the street it was okay to cuss at us on the way out to dinner. It is sad to see how people are willing to treat each other.

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