There are three of us

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There are three of us, and normally we do almost everything together. Except my husband goes to Torah study on his own, because often I am taking care of dad. I walk the dog on my own but normally will walk with my hubby too. moncler outlet
When we go out to eat it’s three, when we go to church its the 3 of us, unless one of us is sick. Dad was for a while there deciding he didn’t want to go to service. He been a pill lately, he will look for ways to argue with my husband and I. So frustrating especially when it’s he gotta go to the bathroom but insisted he doesn’t have to go, than 3 minutes later he has a accident on himself and don’t want to go back. My husband and I know that no one cares if he has a accident, it happens. As long as his clothes are changed it’s not a problem. But sometimes he would rather just sit there and not do anything about it.
It’s hard to go anywhere because we know within 30 minutes we gonna be needing to stop and possibly change his clothes which isn’t a big deal but its makes trips take a long time. Sometimes it seems like taking care of Dad really does take away other things that my hubby and I would like to do. But this is why doing the right thing isnt always the easiest.

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